Vintage Rainbow Background

Vintage style always seemed mystically charming and delicate for me. The lifestyle of 50’s and 60’s is definitely something I’m dreaming about. That’s why lots of my works has something connected to those times and now, when I’ve started to work with digital programs, I want to show you very quick and easy way to make a nice vintage background for your works in Pixelmator.

Source File


Open Pixelmator and create a new image by choosing File > New. To get results closest to those in this tutorial, choose the 1400×900 image size preset in the New dialog. However, feel free to choose any size you like.


Choose Filter > Generator > Stripes, use 10 for the Width and 100 for the Sharpness. Now choose you favorite colors for the stripes and click OK when done.


Choose Filter > Distortion > Circular Wrap and play with the settings to get what you want.


To fill the hollow in the middle of the stripes choose Filter > Distortion > Pinch Distortion, use 300 for the Radios and 50 for the Scale, drag the center point to the middle of the hollow and click OK. Repeat this action as many times as you need to get the result you want.


To delete the white stripes, select Edit > Select Color and choose white, then hit the backspace key. Click to select the Paint Bucket Tool and enrich your image with different colors in order to make it more alive.


Import Mottled Brown texture and place into your document.


Click to select the striped layer, choose Layer > Bring to Front, change Blending from Normal to Multiply and reduce the Opacity to 80%. In order to get more powerful effect, click to select the texture layer, choose Image  > Brightnes and Contrast and raise contrast to 10 %.


Fell free to experiment with colors, stripes and all the other possible settings. You can get various results while playing with all this.

Now you can use it for your cards, flyers or whatever you want to. This vintage rainbow background will give a cheerful look to any of your works.

Best wishes and some vintage music for the end – Mr. Sandman.


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