Vintage Badge

After showing how to create the vintage rainbow background, I decided to give you an example where and how you can use it.

Of course, I cannot forget to mention one of my biggest inspirations where I had fount this amazing tutorial and after some time of experimenting decided to refill it in my style.

So, follow the abduzeedo tutorial until the ninth step and come back here if still interested.

Note. Pay attention that I used a bit lighter colors for the background of my badge to get this result.

Source File


Click to select the Rectangle Shape Tool and add a rectangle on your badge background. Right-click anywhere within the shape and choose Make Editable. One more right-click in the middle of the rectangles top line and choose Add point. Now move your new point up to get a hooked line. Repeat the same action with the bottom line.


Use Rectangle Shape Tool to create a triangle by making it editable and adding new points. Choose a darker color for filling to imitate a shadow.


With triangle layer selected choose Layer > Duplicate Layer then choose Edit > Flip horizontal. Now drag your new triangle as shown in the picture and with the rectangular layer selected choose Layer < Bring to Front.


Use Rectangle Shape Tool to create a new rectangle and edit it as the first one. Add a new point in the middle of the right side of the shape and move it inside. Double click on the point to change cornered point into curved point.


Duplicate layer and choose Edit > Flip horizontal. Now drag your new shape as it’s shown in the picture and send both new shape layers back.


Time to add some text. Zaphino, Impact and Ayutaya fonts are used in this picture.


Now let’s add some text on the ribbon. Type your message, then drag it up. Right-click anywhere within the text and choose Convert into Pixels. In the Effects Browser (View > Show Effects Browser), select the Other group. Double-click the Fish Eye thumbnail to apply the effect. Move your text back on the ribbon – now you have a nice hooked text effect. Ellipse Shape Tool was also used to add some elements.


Click to select Ellipse Shape Tool and create a circle. Unmark the fill and use a very light color and 3 px for the Stroke. Drag your circle on the badge and change the Blending to Darker Color.


Your work on badge is complete so now you can add vintage rainbow background, adjust the colors and create your own vintage badge image. However, feel free to experiment, search and discover. Get your creativity on!


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