Artistic Portrait

Is it possible to be an artist if you don’t know how to draw nether to paint…? Happily, in nowadays it is if you know how to do some easy tricks.

Create an artistic wallpaper with abstract painted face in a few easy steps with Pixelmator.

Source File


Open an image to which you would like to apply artistic portrait effect.


First of all, you need to do a little corrections before adding new textures. Go to Filter > Stylize > Threshold and choose 50%. Then choose Filter > Stylize > Height Field From Mask and choose 3.0 px.

Import watercolor splashes on you image, duplicate the layer and fill up the canvas. Merge all the duplicated layers into one single layer when done. Click to select black and white face layer, choose Edit > Select Color and choose black for the color. Right click on the watercolor splashes layer and choose Add Mask. Now you have the background of the face.
Time to add some background texture. Import your texture image, work with the size and change the Blending from Normal to Linear Burn.


Click to select black and white face layer and bring it forward, then reduce its Opacity to 10%. Duplicate the layer and delete all the hair, then reduce its Opacity to 30%. This way you will make the lineament of your character more sharp.


Click to select the watercolor splashes layer, choose Healing Tool and work with the edges you do not like.


Feel free to use this technique with different backgrounds, textures and images. It’s very easy, quick and always so surprising!


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