Floating Island

Bright summer sky and beautiful clouds always turns my creativity on and this time they encouraged me to make something light and floating like the cloud itself.

This tutorial has only eight easy steps and takes not so much of your time, so it’s really worth to try and create something unique while using this technique.

Source File


Create a new image by choosing File > New. The size is not so important, however, if you want to get the results closes to those in this tutorial, choose 1024×768 in order to have more space while working on the island, later on you can cut it.


Click to select Rectangle Shape Tool, create a new rectangle and fill it with black.


Import a photo of a tree and cut it out from its background. The easiest way to do that is to select the Color Adjustments group in the Effects Browser (View > Show Effects Browser), double-click the Brightness and Contrast thumbnail and raise the Contrast to 50 %. Click OK when done. Then choose Edit > Select Color and choose black for the color.


Drag the black part of the tree you have selected and place it on the rectangle. Import a photo of the grass, cut it and also place it on the rectangle. Duplicate the layers and play with their sizes to get a nice composition. Now lets import some mountains.


Import many different objects which you want to see on your floating island and create a nice composition. Several more photos of the trees and mountains were used in this tutorial. Merge all the layers you used to create an island when done.


Now click to select the Crop Tool and crop an image that an island would stay exactly in the center of it. Now import some wood texture. In the Effects Browser, double-click the Colorize thumbnail and choose 50% for the Saturation and yellow for the color.


Import a photo of the clouds and duplicate it. Choose Edit > Flip Vertical, then Edit > Flip Horizontal. Select the layers and move one to the top and another to the bottom of your image. Merge the layers when done and reduce the Opacity to 55%.


Time to add some text! Click to select Text Tool and type your message. In this tutorial different sizes of the letter and Apple Braille, Apple LiGothic, Apple Color Emoji, Apple Symbol fonts were used. Reduce the Opacity of the text to 80% after typing.


Here is only a background of the work, feel free to play with the blending, colors, opacity, textures and you will get completely different results and moods of the work. Have a nice time while experimenting!


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