Dotty Background

I opened my closet and have understood that it’s full of various dotty materials – that’s how this tutorial began. Thanks to a bunch of dotty dresses I’ve check this morning, which inspired me with the colors and to Pixelmator, which let me to get what I wanted after some time of experimenting . And here it’s for your judge – Dotty Background tutorial.

Source File


Create a new image by choosing File > New. To get results closest to those in this tutorial, choose the 1400×1400 image size preset in New dialog. Click to select the Ellipse Shape Tool and create a new ellipse while holding Shift key. Choose black for the Fill, 10 px and any color for the Stroke. Now change the Opacity of the Stroke color to 0%, this way we will get nice distances between the dots later on.


Right-click on your ellipse shape and choose Convert into Pixels. In the Effects Browser (View > Show Effects Browser), select the Tile group. Double-click the Affine Tile thumbnail to apply the effect. Play with the scale and click OK when done.

Sometimes it’s hard to get an image without any cut dots this way, so grab the Crop Tool and crop an area you exactly need. Right-click on the layer and name it Dots.


Time to add some colors – click to select Paint Bucket Tool and paint your dots with various colors.


Import old paper texture to your image. In the Effects Browser, double-click the Color Balance thumbnail, set –40% for Cyan/Red and also -40% for Yellow Blue, click OK when done. Now click to select Dots layer and change the Blending from Normal to Multiply.


Duplicate Dots layer, click to select Eraser Tool and choose very small and sharp eraser. Now doodle all around an image and change the Opacity of the layer to 50% when done.


Once again you got a description of new, easy and useful technique so now it’s up to you how and where to use it. Have fun!


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