Retro Party Poster

Few days ago I was asked to create a poster for a retro party. The work had to be made very quickly, so I chose Pixelmator as my main tool and after few hours I got the result I’m pretty happy about.

I had to make several tries and fount some new techiniques so I decided that it’s worth to share it with you. I hope that you will find something new and helpfull here.

Source File


Create a new image by choosing File > New. To get results closest to those in this tutorial, choose the 1024×768 image size preset in New dialog. Click to select the Type Tool and add some text. Silom font family was used in this tutorial.


Choose Edit > Load Selection, then Edit > Refine Selection and set 15 px for the Size. Choose Layer > New Layer, grab the Paint Bucket Tool and fill the selected area with black. Double-click on layer and name it Text. You can also delete the first layer of the text now because you won’t need it anymore.


Import a photo of a girl to your image. Choose Edit > Select Color and choose white for the color. Delete the selected area, then choose Edit > Invert Selection, grab Paint Bucket Tool and fill the selected area with black. Name this layer Girl when done. Import a photo of a pathephone to your image and repeat the same actions.


Add a new layer. In the Effects Browser (View > Show Effects Browser), select the Generator group. Double-click the Bars thumbnail, set 7 px for the Width, black for the Primary Color and any other color for Secondary Color with a 0% Opacity. Choose Edit > Transform and rotate the layer 45 degrees left. Click to select the Magic Wand Tool and select the black silhouettes of the Girl, Pathephone and Text, then click to select the Stripes layer, right-click on layer and choose Add Mask. Change the Opacity of Pathephone, Girl and Text layers to 0%.


Repeat all the same actions as in the STEP 4, just choose 2 px for the stripes Width this time.


Time to add some background. I strongly recommend you to try one of various techniques, described in Pixelmator tutorials and create your own personal background. This time I gave a shot to one of ideas and to one my own techniques, described in Vintage Rainbow Background tutorial. However, if you do not have time or ideas, you can use my background.

In order to have the girl as the main detail of your poster, change its Opacity to  70%.


For those who thinks that the poster is too empty and boring I offer to add some more details. Create a new layer, double click on Brush Tool and one more on brush setting icon, then choose New Brush from Image and choose scores image. Raise the Diameter of the brush and add some scores to your image. Change the Blending from Normal to Multiplay and the Opacity to 60%.

Try, experiment and discover the joy of creating!


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