Funky Retro Text

Here are many quick, fun and interesting ways to create an amazing text effects in Pixelmator, so this time I want to show you one of Funky Retro Text effects which is very easy to make and the result really worths your time.

Source File


Create a new image by choosing File > New. To get results closest to those in this tutorial, choose the 1200×1200 image size preset in New dialog. Click to select the Freeform Pen Tool and create a new shape. Use 1px and black color for the Stroke, blue for the Fill.


Choose Layer > Duplicate Layer, change color and size of the shape and place it on you first one. Repeat the action several times and merge all new layers when done.


Duplicate your new shape and fill up the canvas. Click to select Paint Bucket Tool and fill the canvas with blue. Merge all layers when done.


Time to add some text – Silom font was used in this tutorial. Right-click on the text and choose Convert into Pixels. Click to select Magic Wand Tool and select all the letters, then click on another layer and choose Add Mask.


Add a new layer and fill it with a dark blue, like #003547. Grab the Paint Bucket Tool and fill your primary text without mask with very dark blue. Move this layer a bit up and right. Duplicate this layer and move it the same direction. Repeat the action several times to create a nice shadow. Then merge all new layers. In the Effects Browser (View > Show Effects Browser), select the Blur group. Double-click the Motion Blur thumbnail and choose 4 px for Radius and -78 degrees for Angle. Then change the Opacity of the colorful text to Difference.


Import Chalk texture to your image. Change its Blending to Multiplay and Opacity to 50%. Create a new layer and fill it with very dark blue.  In the Effects Browser, double-click the Noise thumbnail and choose 100 %. Now double-click the Gaussian Blur thumbnail and set 1 px. Finally, change its Blending to Multiplay and Opacity to 3o%.


Merge colorful text and shadow layers and fix the composition. Create a new layer, click to select Gradient Tool and generate a new radial gradient with transparent color in the centre and black color on the outside. Add it on your new layer and change the Opacity to 50%.


Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to create a box marquee selection at the top of the canvas. Create a new layer, and add a white gradient with the Gradient Tool so that the brightest part is at the top of the box. Change its Opacity to 10%.


Click to seect the Gradient Tool once again and make a small black gradient with the darkest part coming from the bottom of the box. Change its Opacity to 40%. The darkest black and brightest white gradients should meet.


As always, try to create your own variations with this technique and make something unique!

Get your creativity on!


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