Vintage Badge with Moustashe

Pixelmator Shape Tools and the way you can work with them is the main thing forcing me to love this program so much. So this time I want to show you how to create a nice vintage badge in a few easy steps while using them.

By the way, the Alingment Guides which you can find in 2.1 update help you to get great results even quicker and better!

Source File


Create a new image by choosing File > New. To get results closest to those int his tutorial, choose the 1400×1400 image size preset in the new dialog.


Click to select the Rectangle Shape Tool, choose light color for the Fill, darker one for the Stroke and add a rectangle. If you don’t want to have a frame around your badge like in the upper example unmark the Stroke thumbnail. Right-click anywhere within the shape and choose Make it Editable. One more right-click on the side of your shape and choose Add point. Now create a shape of your badge by adding new points, playing with them and searching for the best result.


Right-click on the shape layer in the Layers palette and choose Duplicate, then go to Edit > Flip Horizontal. Place your shape copy on the right side of the first one.


Click to select the shape layers, right-click on one of them and choose Merge Layers. Duplicate merged layer, choose Edit > Flip Vertical and place it at the bottom of the other shape. Merge shape layers when done.


Click to select the Brush Tool, choose the same color as you used to fill the shape and hide the middle lines of you shape. Duplicate shape layer, choose Edit > Tranform and resize your new shape. Drag it to the middle of the first one when done.


Click to select the Rectangle Shape Tool and add a rectangle. Choose black for the Fill and create one side of the moustache by adding new points and working with them. Then Duplicate it and choose Edit > Flip Horizontal. Your moustache are done!


Time to add some text! Zaphino font was used in this tutorial.


Import some texture to your image and change the Blending of the badge shapes from Normal to Multiplay. Merge all layers and add one of those great Vintage filters that you can find in 2.1 update. To do that, choose View > Show Effects, double-click on Vintage thunbnail and choose your favorite filter. Freesia filter was used in this tutorial.

Have a nice time while wroking and don’t forget to turn on some great vintage music!


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