Colorful Bird Poster

Nice and worm time of holidays is getting to an end and it’s time to start new works again. However,  the mood of summer is still here, so I decided to create something cheerful and colorful, because that’s the best words to describe my summer this year!

Source File


Create a new image by choosing File > New. To get results closest to those in this tutorial, choose the 1400×1400 image size preset in the New dialog.


Click to select the Freeform Pen Tool and create several triangles. Use them to construct the basic shape of the bird.


Add more shapes and start to create colorful composition. If you have a difficult time while choosing the colors, here is one trick which may help you. Import an image with the colors you would like to see on your bird, right-click on the shape layer and choose Convert into Pixels. Now grab the Eyedropper Tool and click to select the desired color at the imported image, then choose the Paint Bucket Tool and fill the triangle with your chosen color.


Continue adding new shapes and fulfill your bird.


Merge all the shape layers and name them Bird. Click to select the Gradient Tool, choose blue and yellow colors and add it on your Background Layer.


Click to select Freeform Pen Tool and add some new shapes. They should be a bit likely to the shafts of light. Fill your new shapes with different tints of blue.


Repeat the same action on the different side and fill the shapes with different tints of yellow.


Import some texture and change its Opacity to 50%. Change the Blending of the Gradient layer from Normal to Multiplay. Merge all the new shape layers and change their Blending from Normal to Overlay.


Change the Opacity of the bird layer to 70%, duplicate it and change the Blending of the copy from Normal to Multiplay.


If you want to add more 3D look to your image, grab the Gradient Tool and add some dark gradient on every shape of your bird. That’s true, it takes some time, however, the result is worth trying.

Now you can use your new work for any of your designs!


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