Stylish Vintage Poster

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”, said Egdar Degas. It was a nice quatation to start my day and also a good inspiration for a new tutorial. As always, I hope that it will help you to find something new and interesting in Pixelmator.

Source File


Create a new image by choosing FIle > New. Click to select the Rectangular Marquee Tool, keep holding the Shift key and select a square area, this will help you while creating the new shapes. Then click to select the Pen Tool, draw a new shape and Fill it with red.


Use the Pen Tool to create one more shape. To edit your shape, double-click anywhere within the shape and move it’s points. Right-click on any point and you can change it into the smooth one. Choose a bit darker red for Fill, white color and 8 px for Stroke.

  STEP 3

Choose Edit > Duplicate, then Edit > Flip Horizontal. Merge the shape layers, choose Edit > Flip Vertical, Edit > Flip Horizontal and create the main shape of your wallpaper.

  STEP 4

Merge your new shape layers, grab the Polygonal Lasoo Tool and select the middle area of your drawing, click to select the Paint Bucket Tool and fill it with white.

  STEP 5

Click to unselect your new layer and make it invisible then fill up your canvas with the main shape. Here are two ways to do that – the quick one is to choose View > Show Effects Browser, select the Tile group and double-click the Affine thumbnail to apply the effect. Then play with the settings to get what you need. The longer one is to keep duplicating the shape untill your canvas is full.   STEP 6  

Click to make your white shape layer visible again and use it cover some spaces for letters. Grab the Polygonal Lasoo Tool and mark some space at the bottom of your image. Fill it with white when done. Choose Image > Canvas Size and add 20 px to both sides of your drawing. Click to select the Paint Bucket Tool and fill the background layer with white, to cover new empty sides.


Time to add some text – Silom and Raanana fonts were used in this tutorial. Now add the new layer and fill it with light yellow. Change it’s Blending to Multipay and play with its Opacity to get a nice result.


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